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THE CLYDE HOTEL: Preserving the Past While Looking Into the Future

THE CLYDE HOTEL The historic Clyde Hotel, located at 420 Washington St. in downtown Clyde, is the perfect compilation of historic charm and modern conveniences. With a rich history and a promising future, the Clyde Hotel is the perfect getaway! A LONG HISTORY OF CHANGE The Clyde Hotel was originally named The Commercial Hotel and was established in 1870, by Dan Lussadder. The original building measured 16’x24’ and was two stories high. Mr. Lussadder was convicted of murder and sentenced to the penitentiary. Afterwards, the Hotel fell into the hands of Henry Huff, who added six rooms. In 1878, George Wilkes Sr. assumed proprietorship. In 1884, he built an addition of four rooms and made an en

What's All The Buzz About Rhubarb?

What exactly is a rhubarb and is it a vegetable or a fruit? Those are the questions that popped into my head when I learned about the Rhubarb Festival and Tasting Tea coming up in Glasco, KS. What is so special about this plant that it has inspired towns and cities across the country to dedicate festivals in its name? I decided to do a little research to find out. Rheum rhabarbarum, or commonly known as rhubarb, is a large, leafy plant that can grow two to three feet wide and tall. It is grown for its fibrous leaf stalks, which have a rich tart flavor. The yellow and red varieties are also grown as an ornamental plant. Rhubarb is easy to grow but needs cool weather to thrive. But the questio

The Whole Wall Mural

Travelers always notice the Whole Wall Mural as they pass through Concordia, KS. It’s difficult not to notice the three-dimensional mural measuring 140 feet long with five sections 15 feet high and two sections 20 feet high. Many travelers have already stopped in this year to take a closer look and to learn more about how the Wall came to be. So, what is the Whole Wall Mural and how did it come to fruition? Why the Whole Wall Mural? The Cloud County Historical Society purchased the former Everitt Hardware building in August 2003. The City had torn down the old laundromat on the east side of the building which exposed a rather unflattering wall. After discussing several options, it was decid