• Jori Gilleece

We Kan! Conference

Representatives from Cloud County attended the We Kan! Conference on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at the Meridian Center in Newton, KS. Representatives included; Marian Condray, Duane and Cathy Warkentin, Susie Haver, Shaley George, Sue Sutton, Kathleen Norman, Jori Gilleece, and Jessica Brucken.

The We Kan! Conference mixed elements of the Big Rural Brainstorm into an energetic and positive event designed to promote forward-thinking and action for small Kansas communities.

The conference was split into a large group, breakout and Speed Meeting sessions. Dozens of topics that effect communities were addressed from a success-and-informative standpoint by multiple presenters. After the presentations, individuals discussed how that particular issue could be reshaped in the future.

Some of the topics discussed included; smartphone video production, social media tips, preserving old buildings, learning how to handle difficult voices, grant dollars for art projects, ideas and support for entrepreneurs, issues of finding insurance in rural Kansas, how to create effective brochures, tourism tidbits, recruiting medical professionals, federal funding and how to keep young people moving in, among many more!

Community leaders, dynamic doers, economic and community development directors, tourism people, entrepreneurs, and chambers of commerce, especially from rural communities attended the conference.


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