• Jori Gilleece

Second 10 for 10 Tour

Cloud County Tourism has begun 10 for 10 Tours this year. The goal is to recruit ten local people for each tour and explore local attractions for $10. Most of the recruits have lived in Cloud County for some time, but have not seen all of the historical attractions yet.

The second 10 for $10 Tour took place on March 16, 2018. The group visited the National Orphan Train Complex, where Curator Shaley George spoke about the history of the National Orphan Train Complex and the stories of the orphans. Next, the group toured multiple stories at the Nazareth Motherhouse. A highlight of the tour was seeing the famous stained glass window on the 4th floor. Afterwards, they enjoyed Susie's homemade sugar cookies and coffee and tea.

The next 10 for $10 Tour will take place on April 20th. Call us today at 785-243-4303 to reserve your spot.

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