• Jori Gilleece

Shelby Noel Gallery Showing

The gallery showing of Shelby Noel, a student at the Kansas City Art Institute, will be postponed with the date to be determined. Noel will be the next artist showcased at the Cloud County Historical Society Museum.

Noel is a talented artist specializing in the art medias of colored pencil, watercolor, oil, acrylic, digital, graphite, charcoal, ceramics, and stained glass. She attended junior and senior high school in Concordia and was taught by Tami Peltier and Gena Kearn. Noel says her dream is to be a concept artist for video games.


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How can this possibly affect Concordia and Cloud County, were not a large population, we don't get to close to others, we honor your SPACE, But it has affected us in a big way. Museum's that are open


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