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THE CLYDE HOTEL: Preserving the Past While Looking Into the Future


The historic Clyde Hotel, located at 420 Washington St. in downtown Clyde, is the perfect compilation of historic charm and modern conveniences. With a rich history and a promising future, the Clyde Hotel is the perfect getaway!


The Clyde Hotel was originally named The Commercial Hotel and was established in 1870, by Dan Lussadder. The original building measured 16’x24’ and was two stories high. Mr. Lussadder was convicted of murder and sentenced to the penitentiary. Afterwards, the Hotel fell into the hands of Henry Huff, who added six rooms.

In 1878, George Wilkes Sr. assumed proprietorship. In 1884, he built an addition of four rooms and made an entire change of the interior. The brick addition was built in 1885 and included an office and four more guest rooms. A basement was also added underneath the entire structure. Later in 1886, steam head was added.

Then in 1912, another addition was added by C.J. Bachand. The blocks for this structure were made on site. The addition was a two-story building with 10 guest rooms upstairs and a dining room on the main floor. Guests had to share one shower and restroom.

Jerry and Laura Lee Stenberg purchased the establishment from L.B. Finley in 1968. The Stenberg’s owned and operated the Hotel for nearly 50 years! During that time, they renovated the building and used items that they found throughout the community. They also opened a gift shop in the lobby in 1972 which remained open for 10 years.

The original frame structure of the hotel was torn down due to its deteriorated condition. The old dining room area became the Stenberg’s living area and hotel guest rooms were modernized two at a time. Each guest room was made larger and private bathrooms were installed.


The guest rooms still feature original woodwork and artifacts from the original hotel. Jerry refinished many of the furnishings, which came from the old hotel, to give them a fresh look.

When the old Calldwell Building was torn down in Concordia, the Stenberg’s repurposed the concrete rosette stones and placed them in front of the hotel, on the fireplace in the family room and in the courtyard. Pillars from a garage sale in Concordia were used in bedroom number seven and several repurposed fans were used in bedrooms six and nine. Jerry also made a headboard from the paneling from the choir loft in the St. John Baptist Church.

The walnut banister in the lobby of the hotel dates to the 1870s. It came from the old part of the hotel that was torn down and was incorporated into the new addition.

In 2017, the Stenberg’s sold the Clyde Hotel to Zach Widen and Jayda Branfort.


The new owners are continuing the tradition of using historical items in the hotel. A communion railing from the St. John Baptist Church can be found in the new Studio J Salon.

A new HVAC system has been installed and the owners are in the process of replacing a retaining wall. The renovations were completed with the help of the Get in the Cloud grant.

Along with renovations, there are technology updates happening at the hotel. A new website was created which allows travelers to view room availability and the option to book them online. In addition, the Hotel now features upgraded WiFi so guests can stay connected.


Guests receive all the perks when they stay at The Clyde Hotel including; room service, free local phone calls, self-parking and WiFi internet. An off-site 24-hour fitness center is ideal for guests who like to continue their workout routines while traveling. The lovely outdoor gazebo and gathering area let guests relax while they enjoy the charming small town.

The Clyde Hotel has seen many years of changes, but one thing remains the same; it’s a perfect place to stay! Consider staying at The Clyde Hotel, whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or planning a birthday getaway, or perhaps just visiting family in the area.


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