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How can this possibly affect Concordia and Cloud County, were not a large population, we don't get to close to others, we honor your SPACE, But it has affected us in a big way.

Museum's that are open year round are now closed and our POW Camp is waiting until May to open. We are to use social distancing and stay home if not needing to go out. Restaurants and businesses are offering to deliver goods to your car door! This in one way is what hospitality is all about. Were here to serve others to go the extra mile to help our friends family and neighbors. Especially now when they need help, they might not ask for groceries, or need to get a medicine. need gas for there car, they may have other medical needs to go to Dr. appointment's, or just need someone to talk to. Hospitality is what we all can do and it is free. You can ask to help someone that doesn't cost anything and if your not able to help them might be able to get them In touch with someone who can. Hospitality is the one thing we are taught all thru our lives because it is us giving to someone else with out pay or reward because we can. Check on your neighbor's. Use your local store's to buy goods and services. This is hospitality, this will bring us back to a better Concordia and Cloud County. We have each other's backs!!!


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